Why is concrete so popular in Melbourne? We give you the answers…

Over the last few years, LVCP has seen a massive rise in the demand for concrete polishing. That has been for good reasoning: concrete is one of the most requested options when it comes to floors. There has been a boom in the demand for concrete floors and polishing. If you wondering why the demand for such floors, we have listed down the reasons on why concrete floors are so popular with Melbourne households and businesses.

  • That was mentioned just then: concrete is a great option for floors, in all types of properties – including both residential and commercial. When it comes to concrete, it can be applied and installed anywhere. Hence why it is so requested by so many people.

  • For homes, concrete floors are great option for:

    • Garages

    • Kitchens (both floors and benchtops)

    • Bathrooms (both floors and benchtops)

    • Outdoor patio areas

  • When it comes to commercial properties, their durability makes them the best option for areas that endure heavy food and vehicle traffic, as well as storage.

  • When we mean durable, we actually mean it. The natural strong rock-like material of concrete means that it is pretty safe from impacts, cracks, dents and splits. Basically, when you got concrete installed, you’re covered for life.

  • Concrete polishing (one of the services offered by LVCP) will provide your concrete floors with a shiny coat. When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of concrete floors, polishing will provide you with a host of options, including:

    • Colours

    • Patterns

    • Designs

    • Logos

    • Different types of shines

  • Maintenance of concrete floors involves a handful of objects: soap, mop, water, bucket and time.

  • This all leads to how affordable and a worthwhile investment. It’s durable strength, its low maintenance cost and its years of endurance, having polished concrete floors installed in your home will mean a worthwhile and sound investment.

These are the key reasons on why polished concrete floors have become one of hte most popular flooring options in Melbourne. If you want to experience the shine and joy of concrete floors, get in touch with LVCP today on 0412 553 507.