Why Concrete Polishing Should Be Your Next Flooring Choice

The boom in concrete polishing is happening for a reason. What are they? We have the reasons for you


Concrete that has been polished is extremely hard wearing and long lasting.

Aesthetically pleasing. It gives a lush bright polished shine that is clean and pleasant to be around.

The finish is smooth and easy to maintain for decades after it has been done making it a very cost effective flooring solution.

Concrete Polishing is cost-effective for your floor.

Choosing polished concrete as your flooring choice is just like having polished Marble or granite but without the associated high end luxurious price tag. You will find polished concrete being used more and more in many industrial units as well as shopping areas and peoples’ homes.

Traditional flooring such as granite or Marble are usually way out of most peoples’ price tags. Other flooring options such as wood, laminate or carpet require maintenance, and there is the additional energy being used to manufacture and apply the flooring (trees being cut down for example).

Carpet will require ongoing maintenance every few years to keep it looking nice and it’s general upkeep. If maintained in accordance with correct instructions, it can last for many long decades, often outliving many of us.

Your concrete polished floor can be customised

You can dye or stain the concrete whatever colour you choose to meet your aesthetic demands. In fact you can even opt for elaborate coloured patterns within your flooring to decorate focal areas of your building.

Why not have a pleasing circle or star design gracing the entrance to your home or building? Why not opt for coloured walkways that help designate safe walking zones around factory units to protect your workforce? Whatever you are considering, concrete polishing can meet your demands.

If you are in or around the Melbourne area then choosing LV Concrete Polishing is a must if you want a long lasting solution that comes without further cost implications or other issues further down the line.