What is concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is a process that is rapidly gaining in popularity. It’s a highly specialised process which features the grinding of the concrete using progressively finer and finer grades of diamond grit polishing pads that produce a high gloss hard wearing sheen to the surface that can be stain or dye coloured to suit. The finished surface is clean and dust is dramatically reduced. The finished level of polishing is usually completed using either 800, 1500 or 3000 level of grit.

Once the homestead of hospital corridors, concrete polished flooring is now being used more and more in homes and other buildings due to it’s many benefits. It’s advancements nowadays mean that you can also impregnate a number of custom features into the surface during the polishing process.

In Melbourne, companies such as LV Concrete Polishing are pushing the boundaries with intricate designs that include the likes of making designs like bands, scoring of the concrete, borders, creating radial lines as well as unique custom designs.

The process uses a chemical densifier

During the concrete polishing(grinding) process, the concrete will be treated with a chemical densifier. The densifier acts to fill in all of the small pores within the concrete, increasing it’s surface density along the way.

Concrete by nature is quite a porous product due to traces of water within the concrete that works it’s way to the surface while the concrete is curing. These surface pores can be treated with a densifier chemical that gives better surface hardness. The densifier will begin to react within a few short hours but the overall chemical reaction with the lime in the concrete can carry on for up to 8 weeks.

A densifer chemical will usually have various agents within it that aid with the hardening process. These will include the likes of sodium, lithium, potassium or other agents.

When applied, the chemical densifier helps to reduce the amount of surface dust that you often see, as well as making it a far tougher surface that can withstand a lot of footfall and even heavier industrial machinery.

Choosing a trusted Melbourne based concrete polishing company such as LV Concrete Polishing can provide the perfect solution.