What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Polishing?

There are many benefits of having your concrete floors polished to perfection. It is for these reasons that many businesses and even residential properties come to LV Concrete Polishing for our assistance.

Using existing concrete flooring

Most buildings are already built on a huge layer of concrete so it makes good environmental sense to use what is already there instead of using new flooring materials. if you are working towards a Greener solution then polishing the existing concrete makes good sense.

Long lasting

If correctly maintained, a polished floor can easily outlast you. This fact alone means a lot for a lot of people. Basically a floor that can easily outlive you and requires only very basic regular maintenance to stay looking superb.

A variety of styling options

Really this is down to you and your needs. From a simple clean shiny hard wearing floor to a multi-coloured zoned floor, the choices are endless really. The best way to discover what can be done is to speak with your local Melbourne based concrete polishing company.

Maintenance of your concrete polished floor

Every type of flooring will require some degree of maintenance. It would be impossible to “never” clean the floor. The key thing to remember about concrete polished flooring is that you don’t want to be using harsh chemicals such as Alkaline based ones to clean the floor. Just doing the bare minimum is often enough.

While concrete flooring is very hard wearing and long lasting, if you use chemicals that are Alkaline based or are of a high PH, these can over time begin to prematurely age the concrete floor. Also using stuff brushes, coarse polishing pads can also have a detrimental effect over time. That’s why the simple things are often the best. Regular light maintenance will ensure it looks just as it did when it was first laid decades earlier.

Do not avoid the topic of maintenance however. Regular traffic, dirt and grime all do their bit to the flooring, so you’ll need to bear in mind that if left, the polished concrete flooring you initially loved will eventually give in to the forceful nature of all of these things forcing themselves onto the floor over time, even if it is designed to withstand it.