TRU® Self-Leveling

Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling is an advanced, high performance, hydraulic cement produced by CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation which here at LV Concrete Polishing we specialise in.

Choose Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling when a high quality fast floor topping, resurfacer or underlayment is required. TRU® Self-Leveling is blended with a wide range of high performance products including non-shrink grout, structural repair mortar, concrete, exterior plaster and other cement products. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor area you wish to create, this crack resistant, durable product will not deteriorate in damp conditions. It is ideal for projects that require long flow life and working time while achieving high early strength.

Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling has many factors for its growing popularity:

  • Integral colours and aggregates allow for endless design possibilities.
  • Grinds and polishes extremely well.
  • Durable, one-component system.
  • Foot traffic in 2-3 hours, coat or seal in 24 hours, ready for grinding in less than 24 hours.
  • Proven to last twice as long as traditional Portland cement concrete.
  • Longest track record in polished overlays with more testing than competitive brands.
  • Formulated with rapid set cement.

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