Polyurethane Sealers


There are many types of polyurethane sealers on the market and LV Concrete Polishing sources only the very highest quality product proven to give the best possible finish. We use chemically bonding polyurethane sealers, high solid polyurethanes to yield only the best possible results.

Polyurethane sealers are a topical sealer which creates a film over the concrete layer, offering lasting protection and a high gloss finish. Polyurethane concrete sealers can be either water or solvent based and give good protection against chemicals and abrasives. Thicker than acrylic, these sealers are transparent but can be subject to seasonal limitations during application as they are not waterproof. If not installed by an experienced contractor the surface can bubble or foam, so always use an experienced contractor, such as LV Concrete Polishing, when laying a polyurethane sealer.